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Water Safety Code


                                            Always follow the Water Safety Code

                 Whenever you are around water:

                  STOP AND THINK:

                  Take time to assess your surroundings.

                  Look for the dangers & always research local signs and advice.

                 STAY TOGETHER:

                  When around water always go with friends or family.

                  Swim at a lifeguarded venue.

                 IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 999:

                  Ask for the Fire and Rescue Service when inland & the Coastguard if at the coast.

                  Don’t enter the water to rescue.


                  Fall in or become tired - stay calm, float on your back & call for help.

                  Throw something that floats to somebody that has fallen in.


                 Fight your instinct to panic or swim hard.

                 Lean back in the water to keep your airway clear.

                 Open your body up. Extend your arms & legs pushing your stomach up.

                 Actions: Gently move your arms & feet to help you float

                 Time: In 60 to 90 seconds you’ll be able to control your breathing.

                   To download a copy of the Water Safety Code click here


                  To watch the RNLI ‘Float to Live’ video click here