Abingdon  Dolphins  Swim  Club

Teaching fundamental life skills in an interactive, fun and safe environment

Abingdon Dolphins runs a large number of RLSS courses in a fun and lively environment on Friday evenings at Radley College Sports Centre.
Courses are suitable for different ages and stages of swimmer, but swimmers must be competent and deep water confident.

We currently teach the new RLSS National Lifesaving Awards Survive & Save Programme

Survive and Save the new RLSS UK National Lifesaving Awards – Age 12 and over

Survive and Save is the new lifesaving standard.  There are Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  Each level has a Core Element that must be completed before you can go on to take an award.  The awards teach personal survival, rescue, sport and fitness.  You can choose any one of Medallion, Beach, Still Water or Sports programmes as areas to specialise in for each medal.  Each award lasts for two years.  You can complete just one or all four of the specialist areas.  Abingdon Dolphins Swim Club will deliver classes which are designed to be carried out in a pool environment.

The Core Element contains all the key information and skills for each level.  For example once you have achieved your Bronze Core Element you can then train for your Bronze Medallion, Bronze Beach, Bronze Still Water, Bronze Sports, or Silver Core Element and Silver Medallion and Gold Core Element and Gold Medallion.

• Survive & Save Candidate Manual.

  The manual covers the whole Survive and Save programme.
• Survive & Save Programme Awards Guide
• First Award Assessment Report Form (one award).
• Survive & Save Certificate (awarded after completion).
• Survive & Save Medal (awarded after completion).

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